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Note  58  Osse         (02/06/22 12:22)  Privacy Initiative

Protecting the privacy of our playerbase is a priority on T2T. Recently 
we became aware that at least one hardbanned typist has been working to 
create a database of alts, and as such we are taking the following steps 
to support our players and their privacy:
1) The "Who's Online" page has been removed from the t2tmud.org website,
because it was being data mined to identify alts. The count of current
online users can now be seen on the home page, just above the news item
list. We will look at ways to add some sort of similar funtionality back
to the site, but in a way that cannot be used for nefarious purposes.
2) We are offering secret namechanges to our players for a limited time, 
to allow people to re-establish their privacy and alt secrecy.
The terms of this program are as follows:
    A) You can request secret namechanges for up to 3 alts. Race and
       gender can be changed as well, if desired.
    B) This program will continue for 4 months, to give less-active
       players a chance to take advantage of it.
    C) Secret namechange requests are to be made via law report.
       If requesting for multiple (up to 3) alts, please make all
       requests in a single law report, and explain why you feel it 
       is necessary.
    D) After your request is filed, you will be interviewed by one
       of the active powers to discuss options.
    E) If approved, namechanges will be made in such a way that should
       ensure anonymity, but it will be YOUR responsibility to maintain 
    F) This is a once-per-character opportunity, and eligibility is not 
       affected by any previous name changes.
As mentioned above, the anonymity of a secret namechange only lasts if
the secret is kept. Once completed, only the active powers will know who 
you were. If you choose to make your identity known afterwards (either
through directly telling someone, or by behaving in recognizable ways), 
the responsibility will be yours alone. As 'help multiplaying' has 
stated for many years: "Be advised however that if you choose to reveal
your other identities, you must live with the inevitability that people 
you don't want knowing this information WILL find it out."
We hope that these steps will help strengthen and protect the privacy
of our playerbase and reduce the ability of some to cause grief using
alt info. Osse will be the contact point for questions about these
matters, so please direct any questions to him.
Thank you,
The Admin

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