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The Two Towers, an online game set in Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'
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The Date is March 15, 3019 Third Age.

Sauron has brought war to the Free People of Middle-earth. On the field of the Pelennor, at the gates of the great city of Minas Tirith, the battle of our time is being fought. Lothlorien, Thranduil's Kingdom, Dale and Erebor are also under siege.

Sauron will not stop until all of Middle-earth is his. Join him, or stand with those who are against him. The choice is yours!

The Two Towers MUD is a free Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'. We have extensively re-created the lands of Middle-earth in a rich text environment, from Mithlond to Mordor and the lands of Harad beyond. With over 100,000 rooms and always growing, The Two Towers is a richly developed and highly interactive world. There are hundreds of quests, with rewards great and small, for you to discover.

The Two Towers has an active community of players from around the world who come together to play online. Players join together to create guilds, raid enemy lands, and more.

Online continuously since 1994, The Two Towers is one of the longest running multiplayer games on the internet and is maintained by a staff of hardworking volunteers who love Tolkien and multiplayer gaming.

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T2T News
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September 7th, 2023
Join us Oct 1st-31st at the annual Harvest Festival! In addition to the Crypt, scavenger hunt, and other fun activities, be sure to check out the new "elemental" adventure that awaits!

February 28th, 2023
The 25th Annual T2T EVENT will kick off on Wednesday, March 15! This annual celebration began with the release of Minas Tirith on March 15, 1999, and we hope to see many old friends and names from the past log in during this 5-day festival.

January 9th, 2023
Mailbox max size limits have been increased to 250 for all characters, plus 10 for every day of age over 10 days. Your max size will be displayed in the mailer prompt in the post office. New settings have also been added to help work with larger mailboxes. Thank you to our Patreon supporters who help make server upgrades possible, allowing changes like this!

September 1st, 2022
The annual Harvest Festival is now open and live on The Two Towers! Stop by and compete in Vildoran's Crypt, Lungorthin's Scavenger Hunt or one of the many other fun games and attractions. The festival will remain open all of the month of October.

March 7th, 2022
Join us on March 15th to celebrate the 24th Annual Event! This Event will run for seven days, rebooting midnight on Monday.

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Recent T2T Updates

Below is a list of the most recent 20 updates made on The Two Towers by our dedicated volunteer coders.

DateUpdaterUpdate Text
12/09/23OsseWe have increased the capacity of ring boxes from 3 to 4. We will also be seeking feedback on the best ways to potentially allow for even larger capacities for ring boxes.
11/27/23OsseThe obsolete (OOC) tag has been removed from the main comm output.
11/11/23OsseA bug which previously prevented ghosts from using travelto has been fixed. So ghosts can now zoom around like the rest of us.
10/20/23LungorthinIt is now possible to unhand every item held in your hands simultaneously via 'unhand all', assuming the item could be unhanded in the first place.
10/16/23LungorthinIt is no longer possible to feint a target that you cannot see while you are not in combat with it.
10/16/23LungorthinThe autoloading archer's quiver, when tagged, can no longer be dropped (and accidentally lost) by non-archers.
10/06/23GimilkhadGenealogical studies have confirmed once and for all that the heroic Dunlendings of Combe were in fact Edain all along.
08/22/23VildoranRiders can now wield weapons from containers during combat using the 'wield' command.
08/21/23VildoranYou can now see your party say history when outside of a party.
07/26/23VildoranThe rogue mumak in southern Rhovanion is now killable.
07/03/23OssePlayers will no longer hear shouts from people they are ignoring.
06/27/23VildoranCarforgoth has wisened up to certain cheesy tactics making the fight dramatically easier.
06/18/23VildoranWe've added timestamps to the 'party hist' command.
06/18/23VildoranGoing linkdead while in a party will now halt your movement, instead of disbanding/leaving the party.
06/17/23LungorthinGuilds: Guild weapons now indicate in their long descriptions if they have been reinforced.
06/07/23VildoranThe dark cloak from West Arda now gives a consistent bonus that is better for low-level characters. In addition, the skill cap has been adjusted to match an item from a newbie quest.
05/29/23VildoranWith wagons you can now use 'allow all' and 'disallow all here' to allow/disallow usage to all players currently in the room with you.
05/10/23VildoranThe Dragon staff's singe ability is now usable by necromancers.
04/23/23LungorthinIt is now possible to shield all players in the same room as you via 'shield all'.
04/07/23VildoranDulgibar's cloak (from Barad-dur) can now be used to cast the light and dark spells.
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