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Current Guilds of The Two Towers

Aina Amarth
In the Unfinished Tales it was written: "[The Ithryn Luin] were founders of secret cults and 'magic' traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron". The Aina Amarth is one of these secret cults of men. The Ithryn Luin arrived around 2000 years before the war of the ring and this makes the Aina Amarth a very old cult indeed.

The Amruin
Theoden King has ridden to aid Gondor in the battle on Pelennor fields. To ensure the safety of Rohan while he is away, a group of riders stayed behind to protect its borders. Sworn to protect Rohan and sworn to protect Theoden King the Amruin stand on guard.

Baruk Khazad-Dum
The Baruk Khazad-dum reside in Erebor, gathering strength in supplies and recruits. Soon these dwarves will return to Azanulbizar, fulfill Balin's dream, and reconquer the halls of their forefathers.

The Beornings
In this third age of the Sun, there is a race of honorable northmen who guard the ford of Carrock and the High Passes in Rhovanion from the seemingly never ending orcs, goblins and wargs. This group is named after its ancestor, the fierce warrior, the Great Skin-changer, the Shape-shifter, Beorn. They call themselves Beornings.

The Corsairs of Umbar
Few have lived to tell the tale of the mighty warship of Bethagan and the Corsairs of Umbar after seeing the infamous black sails and smelling the telltale scent of Umbar's Finest ale. The mighty warship Bethagan, crewed by the descendants of the noble line of Castamir, was last seen sailing in the rivers of South Gondor, leaving behind a trail of burning villages. The port city of Linhir has itself been attacked and partially plundered by the Corsairs, yet there are rumours that their ultimate intent is much more nefarious than the terror they've been spreading: To infiltrate Minas Tirith and prepare for the arrival of the main fleet of Umbar. Long have they lain claim to the throne of Minas Tirith which their ancestors were denied during the Kin-Strife... but were they ever this close to fulfilling it?

Commissioned by the Dark Lord as his security protectorate, the Durbatuluk continue to exist in this capacity. They maintain and protect the land of Harondor as well as quell any uprisings that occur.

Fellowship of the Rimbor-Anim
Having heard whispers in the trees of a powerful ring, The Fellowship has embarked on the ultimate quest: finding this ring, and using it to fortify itself as a true power in Arda. Closest of friends, and the most ruthless of enemies, they will let nothing stand in their way.

The Galadhrim
The Elvish Army of Lady Galadriel who reigns in Lothlorien. Fighting any that attack or kill moral folk who live within the Woods, the Galadhrim are principally archers but do have other professions scattered in their ranks. Elves of all types are welcomed, as well as the occaisional honourable man.

Gondor's Vengeance
Men of honour and distinction, sworn to defend Gondor and her allies. They are the Elite Guard of Denethor, Steward of Minas Tirith, and they fight the ceaseless battle to ebb the tide of evil flowing from within Mordor. Recruits must be lvl 15+, heroic+ alignment, abide by all killing restrictions, and must pass an interview given by a senior member of the guild.

Gor Bûrzgoth
The Dark Lord's main bidding for the Uruk-hai of Gor Gor Bûrzgoth is to transfer desperately needed equipment and weapons from throughout Arda to Commanders along main front lines of the Pelennor Fields, Lothlorien, Dale and Erebor. Providing his greatest warriors with the best swords and armour available, he boosts the morale of his troops. The life within the Gor Bûrzgoth is frought with danger. They must remain vigilant for attacks from those of the free world desiring to stop them, pulling together as a group to accomplish the missions ordered of them.

The Gwaith-i-Mírdain
The Gwaith-i-Mírdain are a fellowship of craftsmen and women devoted to carrying on the traditions laid down by Celebrimbor and his Jewel- Smiths during the Second Age. They are masters of crafting in all forms, from forging rings and other jewelry to crafting musical instruments and weapons of death and beauty, all of which they are known to sell for the right price. These Elves and Dwarves are often reclusive, but are seen in the world at large as not only the only true craftsmen's guild, but as steadfast allies in the war against the traitor Sauron.

Knights of Dol Amroth
In Dol Amroth, within the region known as Belfalas. A regiment of Knights and supporting men and women, under the command of the Lieutenant of the Southern Guard, to protect Belfalas and Dol Amroth from enemy attacks. While the main force of the Knights are in Minas Tirith under the command of Prince Imrahil. These men and woman are of the Dunedain race, honorable fighters all of them, warriors, rangers and archers.

The Meglivornth are the mercenaries of Middle-Earth. The guild was founded on the obsession of war, gold and treasure. The Meglivornth believe they are protected by their ancestors who visit them in wolf form.

The Nár-i-Anor are a guild of ancient elvish origins. Formed when the sun first dawned upon Middle Earth, its followers swore an oath to protect Anor, the sun, in all its forms, to prevent its light being destroyed by Morgoth. This oath has brought them to the defense of the White City, once known as Minas Anor, in its time of greatest need. They fight to the death to uphold their oath, the Flame of Anor burning deep within them.

The Preservers of Tharbad
Preservers of Tharbad is a merchant guild located centrally in West Arda that consists of dwarves and elves that supply the free races of Arda in its war with Sauron and evil.

Rangers of Ithilien
The Rangers of Ithilien are the last remaining descendants of the people who populated the ancient forest of Ithilien before it was overrun by the enemy. They are charged by the Steward of Gondor himself to scout and protect what remains of their forest, as well as assailing and slowing the forces of Sauron at every available oppourtunity.

Rebels of Rhun
The Rebels of Rhun are the resistance to Sauron's Army in Rhun. Whether to fight for the Light, for their home or just to resist slavery, these individuals have banded together to fight back against the oppressive threat.

Sons of Ulfang
"...Yet neither by wolf nor by balrog, nor by dragon, would Morgoth have achieved his end, but for the treachery of men." The Sons and Daughters of Ulfang are his spiritual descendants and work to further Morgoth's dominion over Middle-Earth from the shadows.

Taril Haleth
The history of Dunland begins with the folk of Haleth, an ancient and proud branch of the Atani who defeated Morgoth's hordes but refused to submit to the rule of elves and thus chose to live on their own in the woods. Later their descendants were named Dunlendings. During the ages many have tried to subdue Dunland. Numenoreans, orcs, Dunedain - all failed in their attempts to invade the hills. The guild of Taril Haleth was formed by the tribes to guide and train the forces of Dunland, and to secure the freedom of its population against the attacks and the treachery of the outside world.

In the year of 2951 Sauron declared himself openly and started gathering his power in Mordor. It took no more than twenty years to rebuild the Dark Tower upon its old foundations in the Gorgoroth. An elite military force was gathered to enforce the law of Sauron, calling themselves the Udungul. They seek to bring pain and fear to the free races of Arda.

The Valacirca
The Valacirca is a high moral fellowship of the Dunedain of the North: the noble Ranger tribe of Aragorn. Originally a vanguard for the Nine Walkers, they now safeguard the Redhorn Pass in the company of elves and select other races of mixed professions. Thus united, the wide-ranging Sickle of the Valar has long been a force of good, both defending the Free and striking out against the Enemy, wherever he may be found.

Other organizations of note

The most cunning and gifted of Necromancers in Arda have banded together with the strongest and fiercest of the Dark Lord's warriors in order to create a truly formidable force. Together they wreak havoc throughout the Western lands, bringing the despicable Free Races to their knees.

The Smoker's Guild of Arda
A Community of adventurers with the love of a good pipe and and pipe-weed. All those who have picked up the hobby in the course of their travels are welcome.

* Not all guilds are listed here, as some guilds choose to keep their identity secret.
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