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Note  52  Osse         (06/07/24 11:26)  30th Anniversary Reboot!

The reboot beginning Friday, June 7 is officially The Two Towers
MUD's 30th Anniversary Reboot! Throughout this uptime, we'll be doing
some fun things - keep an eye out for some memories from days gone
by, blasts from the past, and other shenanigans.
The uptime will be scheduled to end on the evening of Tuesday, 
June 11 at 6:30 PM mudtime, at which time there will be a special
extended reboot countdown sequence featuring tidbits from all of 
the years of T2T's history. 
Throughout this boot, we encourage everyone to share positive stories
and remembrances from years past, encourage old friends to log in
and say hello, and generally enjoy the festivities!
Also, please note that the Merch Store will be closing down after 
the Anniverary uptime, so be sure to make any last-minute purchases 
soon: https://t2tmud-merch.creator-spring.com/
Thank you!
T2T Admin

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